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Epidemiological Surveillance

Epidemiological Surveillance

Management of the Epidemiological Surveillance, a powerful tool for technical support in all the processes concerning the identification and monitoring of the cases of infection.

Ability to detect/anticipate outbreaks of any type of epidemic disease, including those yet unknown.

key features

  • Alerts generated by the system by defining the criteria of potential infection, through conditions applied to the information manually introduced or automatically collected from departmental applications (e.g.: Pharmacy, Microbiology Laboratory, etc...)
  • Ease in the definition of alarms to be applied on the collected information for the automatic generation of alerts. The alarms can be classified by severity, allowing to prioritise the investigation.
  • Proactivity in the different phases of the process reduces the spread of hospital infections, allowing: shorter hospitalizations, lower costs and lower risk for the patients.
  • ‘Photograph’ of the distribution of the infections by service in real time
  • Display personalization by user profile
  • Customisable questionnaires for information collection, at various moments
  • Flexibility in the statistical planning building for data mining
  • Scheduling, control and record of actions as part of patient or service follow-up
  • Notification of the services regarding hospitalized patients with hospital infection