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The Future in your Organization

4th Generation Clinidata

Between 2010 and 2015, Maxdata invested more than 60 000 hours in the design, development and testing of the new generation of Clinidata® software, 100% web, completely innovative and unique at international level. Clinidata® integrates and increases the range of features of the former applications and makes a “giant leap” in terms of usability and flexibility.

The experience resulting from the hundreds of implementation projects in laboratories and hospitals of different size, organization and specialization, on 3 continents, have made Clinidata® a highly innovative, intelligent, reliable and high-performance product that Maxdata strives to maintain as a top reference in its area.

  • Does not require installation: Only a browser is needed (for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).
  • Better user experience by the professionals. For instance, the software is based on the principle that each user sees only the information she/he needs to see.
  • It is prepared to work on open-source operating systems and databases (for example, Linux, PostgreSQL), the same way it supports commercial operating systems and databases.
  • It includes a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) platform that allows to explore statistical information in an easy and very visual manner, through dashboards and/or any combination of graphics and tables set by the user.
  • Automatic migration of data configurable by the user.
  • Secure solution: It complies with the main international standards on personal data protection and information security, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • A single integrated solution for several areas, including: clinical pathology labs, non-clinical labs, anatomic pathology labs, genetics labs; management of blood banks, donors and transfusions; and epidemiological surveillance.

main national and international software competitors

It allows the use of free open source operating systems

main national and international software competitors

It works on the main databases, including free open source databases

main national and international software competitors

100% web, without the use of any plugin

main national and international software competitors

Automatic migration of competing applications

main national and international software competitors
Table 1 – CLINIdATA® vs National and International Competition