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30 Dec 2020

Clinidata® PREDIKT: Automatic Detection of Epidemiological Anomalies

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Clinidata® PREDIKT: Automatic Detection of Epidemiological Anomalies

The Clinidata® PREDIKT system makes it possible to combat epidemics through the early automatic detection of epidemiological anomalies. The significant advantage of this system is its ability to detect/anticipate outbreaks of any type of epidemic disease, including those yet unknown.

Between July and December 2020, a pilot test of the Clinidata® PREDIKT system was carried out in collaboration with the two largest Portuguese hospitals and with one of the largest private health groups. 

During this pilot test, Clinidata® PREDIKT detected outbreaks of entirely unrelated diseases:
  • Outbreaks of COVID-19 on average 9 days before laboratory tests for SARS-CoV-2 came back positive.
  • An outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, about a week before the first news items were published about the outbreak, and about 3 weeks before it was identified by health officials.

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2020 in Review

Summary of the most important events of 2020 that illustrate some of the various challenges successfully overcome during this very unusual year:
January Refurbishment of Maxdata’s headquarters
February  Middle East
March Automatic production of clinical reports in a variety of languages
April New image and new website
May Several COVID-19 related projects
June Transition to ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018
July Clinidata® implemented in COVID Testing Centre @ Univ. Lisbon
August Unilabs unifies laboratories with Clinidata®
September Interoperability solution accelerates COVID-19 testing
October Clinidata® unifies all laboratories within IPO Lisbon
November MEDICA 2020 International Trade Fair
December Conclusion of Clinidata® PREDIKT pilot test

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