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Maxdata implements a set of standards, procedures and processes related to Information Security, which allow to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer data when it is handled by Maxdata employees or automatically processed by Maxdata software. This includes ensuring compliance with legislation specifically related to the protection of personal data.

Maxdata is also the first portuguese company operating in the healthcare sector certified according to the ISO/IEC 20000 international standard, which ensures the quality of its services, and in particular, the correct implementation of four security-related processes: information security management, risk management, availability management, and continuity management.

In technological terms, Maxdata software has five main security features: robust authentication mechanisms, system-wide access control, extensive tracking of data accesses and manipulations, protection against the most frequent computer attacks, and protection against unauthorized software upgrades. In addition to these features, Maxdata software is developed using the best software quality and software security practices, including thorough tests before any software release.

Maxdata intends to further increase the security level of its software, and it is currently developing several innovative features that allow, for instance, to monitor the actions of each user in real-time, to generate alerts for unusual access patterns, and to increase the protection from computer attacks, even if they are launched by customers employees (e.g., with the goal of selling confidential information of celebrities and public figures).