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Blood Bank, Donors and Transfusions

Blood Bank, Donors and Transfusions

Management of Blood Bank and Transfusions, offering a complete solution and adapted to a multi laboratory organization, ensuring safety, reliability and traceability. Takes into consideration the most recent directives of transfusion safety, as well as the the ISBT 128 standard. Supports bidirectional integration of equipment, with integrated quality control.

safety mechanisms and alerts

  • In the case of babies, the identification of the mother is requested
  • Identification of the samples at the time of blood collection
  • Double typing in the manual identification of units
  • Validation of the ABO/Rh group according to the clinical history
  • Patient identification by use of a bracelet
  • Patient/unit validation during administration
  • Configuring of alerts with a severity level
  • Use of a colour system to highlight incompatibilities

key features workflow

  • Transfusion order, with pediatric specificities
  • Record of blood collection with label printing at the service /department
  • Intelligent suggestion of units to be used according to the degree of compatibility, expiration ndate and previous use by fraction
  • Control of entry and exit of units in the laboratory
  • Reception of the units at the services / departments
  • Investigation of side effects
  • Units stocks management, including
  • fraction management
  • Management of autologous transfusion donors
  • Traceability of all operations
  • Medical casuistry, with exportation in PDF and Excel format

detailed tracking between the order and admnistration of the units enhances

  • Control of the performance and quality
  • of the transfusion chain
  • Identification of the areas with a need
  • for intervention
  • Increased medical transparency and trust
  • Application of algorithms of validation
  • and research