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Contrary to the economic scenario of recent years, Maxdata has grown continuously, gaining new customers every year and retaining customers for generations who grow and evolve with it.

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The video below includes some testimonials from Maxdata customers during the presentation of the new generation of the software CLINIdATA®.

It is with great satisfaction that we observe the recognition of our customers for the quality of our applications and the excellence of our assistance service. These testimonies prove the success of our philosophy: Quality and Innovation.

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Customer Quotes

Prof. Dr. João Carvalho de Sousa, on behalf of the "Working Group for the Rationalization of Analytical Requests", which gave a decisive boost to the evolution of the system, considers that:

The Clinidata®NET application, structured by the working group for the “Rationalization of analytical requests” of the Clinical Pathology Service of the Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Norte and developed in collaboration with Maxdata, includes a very comprehensive set of features:

The greatest impact of the computerized analytical prescription, using the Clinidata®NET application, is due to the possibilities of prescribing “Analytical profiles” by clinical diagnosis or functional study of an organ or system, the selection of analytical parameters simultaneously viewing the results of exams carried out previously, and the issuance of “Notices” or “Alerts” individualized by the selected parameter.
The exclusive use of the computerized analysis prescription at CHLN ensured that the Clinical Laboratory has a more effective control over all phases (pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical) of the clinical-laboratory decision-making process, being also an instrument to facilitate clinical communication -laboratory.
The introduction of the Clinidata®NET application in CHLN came to contribute decisively to transform the simple analytical request made to a “virtual laboratory”, in what is today a computer tool with clear utility in the management of the complementary means of diagnosis.
The functionalities of the Clinidata®NET application allow the medical staff not only to provide a computerized analytical request, but also to access a whole set of laboratory data that is extremely useful in the management of these complementary diagnostic tests.

For several years we are using the Clinidata Software for Clinical Laboratory information management at Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte, Lisboa, Portugal. It has been one of the most striking aspects of our development. Also, we should stress that everyday needs have been fulfilled with remarkable professional response and that additional developments are also seriously considered.
Clinidata Software, in our opinion, is very well supported by a good team of specialists, whose skills and attention focused on costumer and user needs, have consolidated a strong position in the Portuguese market of Clinical Laboratory Information Systems, ultimately resulting in a clear advantage for this valuable tool.
I have participated in the development made by Clinidata Solutions for on line prescription of laboratory tests. I can certify that an important advantage has been achieved with a reliable tool for physicians with multiple resources that speed laboratory response and eliminates most of preanalytic difficulties. 

I strongly recommend this good solution for Laboratory Information Systems. 
João Carvalho de Sousa, MD 

Prof. Dr. João Pedroso de Lima, Full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra, mentioned the following in a general meeting with the service directors of the Hospitals of the University of Coimbra, about the Clinidata®NET application (electronic requisition):

The program is very easy, any child, as long as he can read, can handle it;
It is safer for the laboratory and the patient;
Fight waste;
It has the advantage of being able to extend the request to all other areas of the MCDTS;
It gives greater transparency and ease;
It allows to establish the difference between prehistory and the present.
Dr. Graça Ribeiro and Dr. Pedro Roldão also expressed their agreement with this opinion.

With the implementation of Clinidata®, Unilabs was able to move from a scenario where it managed 12 LIS systems, to the current scenario in which it uses only ONE LIS system to manage 1 central laboratory, 9 proximity laboratories and 15+ point- of-care sites.

The result is a system architecture that is simpler and easier to manage, with evident economies of scale and productivity gains for technical and medical teams, as well as the possibility of implementing improvements that impact the entire organization at once.