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Clinical Pathology & Non-Clinical Tests

Management of all kinds of diagnostic laboratories (LIS / LIMS), including treatment of more specific areas, such as: Microbiology, Genetics, Food, Environment and Veterinary Medicine. Since it is an extremely flexible and configurable product, CLINIdATA® software adapts to any diagnostic laboratory, whether it is hospital or non-hospital, specialist or generalist, individual or collective, encompassing hospitals or laboratories that make part of hospital clusters (including support for multiple hospitals/laboratories in the same database).


  • Paper eradication: 100% electronic circuit from the test order to the access to the result report by the clinician Dashboards for production control during the entire work process
  • Bidirectional Integration of analyzers/equipments, with proactive quality control based on a rules engine
  • 350+ analyzers live in 200+ laboratories
  • Flexibility in the definition of alarms regarding problems detected by then quality control rules
  • Integrated internal and external quality control
  • Integration with the hospital services/departments workflows, providing: Electronic Prescription, Scheduling, Blood Collection Management, Access to Test Results, Monitoring of the state of the Orders and Communication of Automatic Alerts
  • HL7-compatible Interface with dozens of IT systems including HIS, patient care, primary care, billing
  • Support for the main standards including LOINC and SNOMED-CT
  • Appointment management and scheduling, including simultaneous scheduling of different types of tests and exams
  • Management of the blood collection centre and waiting queues
  • Complete laboratory workflow from the reception of samples to the provision of the results
  • Technical, medical and biopathological validation
  • Rule editor (formulas and conditions), with transversal applicability, including: alerts, blocking the prescription of some exams, definition of criteria for automatic recording and validating of exam results
  • Management of repetition of blood collection and results
  • Medical Casuistry
  • Paperless Microbiology
  • Production lists and statistics
  • Management of the biological products archive
  • Image treatment: histograms, graphics, ...
  • Document customization
  • Integration of external reports
  • Alert generation (e.g. critical results, microbiology, etc.)
  • Document digitalization, with automatic recognition and association to the corresponding order
  • Optimized invoicing, including electronic invoicing for insurance companies.

Anatomic Pathology

Management of Anatomic Pathology Laboratories, including the treatment of specificities in the areas of Histopathology, Cytology, Molecular Pathology and Autopsies. Intuitive and enjoyable interface, that constitutes a powerful tool for technical support in all the processes concerning anatomic pathology diagnosis, being completely adapted to multi-laboratory organizations.

key features

• Paper eradication: 100% electronic circuit from the exam order to the access to the result report by the clinician
• Total flexibility in the definition of workflows
• Identification of samples, cassettes and slides by barcode
• Unique case numbers by specimen type by year
• Spell checker
• Use of international codifications, including SNOMED-CT and ICD-O
• Automatic calculation of clinical codification
• Configurable structured pathology reports adapted to each specific area, which prevents inconsistencies, increases the legibility of the reports and reduces its preparation time
• Automatic distribution of exams by internal and technical pathologists
• Parameterization of text scripts by exam type and topographic
• Personalized questionnaires according to the exam type and topographic
• Report out preliminary results
• Image, video and audio archive

workflow control

• Control of the pending service per process phase
• Total count of blocks and fragments
• Automatic order of auxiliary techniques (e.g., immunohistochemistry) according to exam type and topographic
• Fast and easy consulting of exam history
• Traceability of all operations
• Ability to refer exams to reference labs and integration of the
corresponding external reports
• Management of the archive of biological samples, blocks and slides