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Maxdata is the first Portuguese company operating in the healthcare sector to become certified according to the ISO/IEC 20000-1 (ISO20000) international standard. This certification was first obtained in June 2012, along with the NP EN ISO 9001 (ISO9001) certification.

ISO20000 certification ensures that Maxdata’s service management system is aligned with international best practices. The scope of the certification includes all the services provided regarding the Clinidata® software.

The management model that was implemented, strongly based on continuous improvement and on proactive management, has resulted in providing safer, more effective and more efficient services.

ISO20000 certification strengthens Maxdata’s credibility and pioneering, and it is a fundamental pillar of its consolidation as a leader of the Portuguese market and as a reference player in the international arena, where the standard ISO20000 is strongly valued in critical sectors such as healthcare.

On the other hand, ISO9001 standard complements ISO20000 in several areas, with particular emphasis on the certification of the Clinidata® software development methodology, including its design, development and testing.