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Maxdata builds healthcare software products since 1978. This software is the exclusive property of Maxdata and has a well known brand - Clinidata® - registered throughout the European Union. Clinidata® software is used by more than 220 healthcare organizations worldwide, including for instance the largest Portuguese hospitals, all Azores public hospitals and laboratories, the largest private laboratory of anatomic pathology in the Iberian Peninsula and 17 hospitals in the Middle East

Clinidata® addresses the following main areas: 
Labs of any type: clinical pathology, anatomic pathology, genetics and beyond
Blood Banks, Donors and Transfusions
Early detection of outbreaks of epidemic diseases, including those yet unknown
- Automatic identification and monitoring of nosocomial infections, including the prediction of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) based on machine learning

Clinidata® integrates out-of-the-box with 400+ medical devices and dozens of healthcare information systems, supporting well-known clinical codings (e.g., LOINC, SNOMED-CT, ICD-O, ICD-10-CM, ISBT 128) and communication protocols (e.g., ASTM, HL7 v2.x, FHIR).

The experience resulting from the hundreds of implementations in laboratories and hospitals of different size, organization and specialization, on 3 continents, have made Clinidata® a highly innovative, intelligent, reliable and high-performance product that Maxdata strives to maintain as a top reference in its area.

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Maxdata is currently seeking partners who want to sell, implement and give support to Clinidata® software outside Portugal. We envision as potential partners the following types of organizations:

Companies developing / implementing competing software, but that have outdated solutions. We think that instead of developing a new version of the old software, it is more profitable to engage as a partner of Maxdata and sell, implement and give support to Clinidata® software.

- Companies developing / implementing software for healthcare, but not specifically in the areas covered by Clinidata® software. We think that engaging as a partner of Maxdata is a safe way to develop a new business, with assured return.

Maxdata also seeks partners / end customers with an IT department, that want to reduce maintenance costs and / or need to modernize current software. We think that the implementation of Clinidata® software is a good compromise, offering the tranquility of a powerful and solid product, with a remarkably low cost compared to the competition.

Under the proposed partnerships, Maxdata ensures:

Support during software implementation: analysis of customer requirements, definition of the implementation plan, on-site support by experienced consultants on first go-lives.

2nd line technical support: provided by experienced professionals, 24x7, organized according to the most demanding IT service management international standard (ISO 20.000-1).

Training: to keep partners updated with newest features and to increase partners autonomy.

- Frequent release of innovative features.

Reduced cost of software licensing.


If you are interested in any of these forms of partnership, please contact us.