Company History
The company was formally created in 1989 by Dr. Lopes Teixeira. However, he was already developing healthcare software solutions with a small team since 1978.

The company's history is intertwined with the history of Clinidata, Maxdata's main product, which has passed through many versions and platforms following the dizzying evolution of hardware and software.

  • 2018

    Use of Clinidata® software according to GDPR
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    Use of Clinidata® software according to GDPR
    Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and the Council, dated 27 April 2016, normally referred to as the GDPR, which came into force on 25 May 2018, introduced a new regime for the protection of personal data. To assist in the GDPR compliance process, Maxdata has sent all its customers a document describing the key features of Clinidata® software related to the protection of personal data and a set of recommendations on how to use Clinidata® in accordance with the GDPR ...
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    Maxdata is Looking for Talent
    Maxdata is hiring Functional Consultants and Software Engineers for its Research & Development and Support & Implementation teams ...
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    Maxdata Increases its International Presence and joins forces with Top Research Labs to Innovate on the Security of Web Applications
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    Maxdata Increases its International Presence
    The 4th generation of Clinidata® software (new CLINIdATA®) is currently used in 10 laboratories, including 2 international. Implementation projects are under way in over 30 laboratories (23 international) that conduct more than 20 million tests per year  ...
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    Maxdata joins forces with Top Research Labs to Innovate on the Security of Web Applications
    Since August 2018, Maxdata has been involved with FCUL and INESC-ID in a new project: SEAL (SEcure progrAmming of web appLications) ...
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    Maxdata invited 100 professionals to assess the results of the European SafeCloud research project
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    Maxdata Invited 100 Professionals to Assess the Results of the European SafeCloud Research Project
    Maxdata integrated CLINIdATA® with an innovative database management system (SafeCloud Database), developed by INESC TEC and the SafeCloud Technologies start-up, allowing the encryption of personal data in memory and to manage large volumes of data (big data). More than 100 health professionals had the opportunity to use and evaluate this experimental version of CLINIdATA® ...
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    myClinidata® used by 500,000 Citizens (9 out of 10 are very satisfied)
    The myClinidata® portal is used by several dozen health units and more than half a million users. Since its launch in 2011, the portal has been warmly received by citizens and professionals who access myClinidata® to see the results of clinical tests ...
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    Maxdata: the only Portuguese Health Tech company certified according to the ISO 20000-1 standard
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    Maxdata is still the Only Portuguese Health Technology company with Accredited Certification to ISO 20000-1 standard
    Over the past six years the ISO 20000-1 and ISO 9001 double certification has had some impact on the services provided by Maxdata: increase in the number of very satisfied customers, exemplary compliance with customer Service Level Agreements, reduction in the average time taken to resolve incidents and service requests, implementation of more than 300 effective improvement actions ...
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    New Customer Portal Feature: Online Knowledge Base with Hundreds of FAQs
    The Clinidata®CRM customer portal now includes a knowledge base that brings together hundreds of FAQs (frequently asked questions) about the Clinidata® software. Maxdata customers can search the FAQs for solutions to any questions or problems they may have before contacting the Maxdata helpdesk ...
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    CLINIdATA® substitutes Swiss Software in 2 Hospitals
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    Go-Live of CLINIdATA® at the Algarve University Hospital Centre
    During the 1st quarter of 2018, Maxdata concluded the implementation of CLINIdATA® software in the hospitals of Portimão and Lagos, which previously used a solution by a multinational Swiss competitor. With the success of these two hospitals, Maxdata’s software is now present in over 100 health units, including the vast majority of the Portuguese public hospitals ...
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    Maxdata is the Only Portuguese Company with ISBT 128 Certification
    Order No. 1226/2018 of the Health Ministry, published in February 2018, states that the blood services must integrate and use ISBT 128 codification in their information systems, as a method of unique donation identification, of the obtained components and their characteristics ...
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    CLINIdATA® uses Blockchain Technology to Securely Track Clinical Test Results
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    CLINIdATA® uses Blockchain Technology to Securely Track Clinical Test Results
    The incorporation of this additional innovation strengthens the level of personal data protection of the CLINIdATA® software as well as its compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which shall enter into force on 25th May 2018 ...
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    Best Medical Student at the University of Porto to receive a Maxdata Award
    For the 2nd consecutive year, the student with the highest final average in the Integrated Masters in Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto will receive an award from Maxdata as recognition of his/her merit and excellence ...
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  • 2017

    CLINIdATA® successfully installed at IPO Lisbon (anatomic pathology) and in a private lab (clinical pathology)
    The implementation of CLINIdATA® in the Anatomic Pathology Lab of the Portuguese Oncology Institute (Lisbon branch) was awarded in an international public tender in the context of which Maxdata won against several national and international competitors with specific solutions for the area of anatomic pathology. The project was executed during 2016 and had a successfull go-live in november. Some months before, CLINIdATA® went live in a clinical pathology lab. CLINIdATA® is an eHealth solution able to address the requirements of various different types of laboratories including: clinical pathology labs, anatomic pathology labs, microbiology labs, genetics labs and non-clinical labs ...
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    Maxdata creates new R&D Lab
    The Laboratory created at the University of Lisbon reinforces Maxdata's R&D. The company is currently involved in several national and international projects on eHealth related topics such as big data and cloud security ...
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    Public Presentation of CLINIdATA®
    The event was attended by over one hundred guests from academia, industry and from both the private and public sectors  ...
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    GO CLINIdATA® video

    GO CLINIdATA® Photo Album
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    Maxdata sponsors “Portugal, a country of Excellence in Engineering” Prize
    On May 31st 2017, in collaboration with 41 of its members, Maxdata included, COTEC Portugal awarded the Prize “Portugal, a country of Excellence in Engineering” at the Grand Hall of IST. 

    This national competition promotes a taste for engineering among students at the last three basic schooling years, either on classes, labs or even at engineering or experiments clubs. By sponsoring this prize, Maxdata helps in a very visible way and shows how important it is to being part of this national movement “Portugal, a country of Excellence in Engineering”. This initiative aims to be a groundbreaking feature and to inspire the Portuguese society to be innately inventive and entrepreneurial.

    Maxdata demonstrates CLINIdATA® Security Features in International Meeting
    On June 26 and 27, Maxdata organized a technical meeting of the SUPERCLOUD European project, which was attended by representatives of all the institutions of the project consortium. The meeting took place on São Miguel Island, in the Azores ...
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    IEEE highlights the importance of the SUPERCLOUD European project
    The world’s largest technical professional society emphasizes the main scientific contributions of SUPERCLOUD: "SUPERCLOUD to the Rescue? New Architecture Could Make Cloud Computing More Secure" ...
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    Two-Thirds of Portuguese Oncology Institutes use CLINIdATA®
    After the go-live of CLINIdATA® at the Portuguese Oncology Institute (IPO) of Lisbon, in October 2016, it was now the turn of the Anatomic Pathology Service of the IPO of Coimbra to begin using the new Maxdata software product ...
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    Maxdata signs a Protocol with ESGTS to attribute the Award for Academic Merit
    Maxdata signed a protocol with the Escola Superior de Gestão e Tecnologia do Instituto Politécnico de Santarém (ESGTS) to attribute the Maxdata Excellence Award to the best students completing courses of study in the areas of computer science and new technologies ...
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    CLINIdATA® allows 200 000 exams in less than 1 hour
    Despite the high load generated by the 160 automatic agents used in the tests, around 6 orders/60 exams per second, CLINIdATA® correctly processed all the operations and proved to be very efficient in terms of memory usage, a crucial factor of its scalability ...
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    European Commission experts praise the legal analysis of the CLINIdATA® compliance with the GDPR
    On the 15th of November, the evaluation of the 2nd year of the European SafeCloud project was carried out in Brussels. This event was attended by representatives of all the institutions in the project consortium, as well as international independent experts from different countries ...
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  • 2016

    • CLINIdATA® software was implemented at a private practice Clinical Laboratory and at a major Anatomic Pathology Hospital Laboratory.
    • Held the first pilot testing of Clinidata® software integration with SINAVE (Portuguese Public Health Surveillance System).
    • Computerization of the Laboratory of Genetics at a big Portuguese Hospital Centre.
    • Clinidata® software integration with SONHO v2.
    • Unification of the several Clinical Pathology laboratories of the Armed Forces Hospital facilities.
    • Participation in 3 European projects (PCAS, SafeCloud and SUPERCLOUD) that will ease CLINIdATA® into new international markets and make our brand a worldwide standard.
    • Scientific paper published on international journal “IEEE Computing Special Issue on Cloud Security”.
    • International demo: CLINIdATA® software integration with disaster-recovery solution.
    • PCAS European Project: Maxdata’s headquarters welcomed specialists from nine countries to the Project Final Evaluation Meeting, with a successfully remarkable closure.
    • RESISTIR Project kick-off (intelligence infection control and personalized antibiotherapy Information System) in collaboration with the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and several Portuguese Hospital Centres.
    • Establishment of Maxdata’s eHealth Laboratory at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.
    • Launch of a new website for talent sourcing. 
    • ​Sponsorship of the 3rd National Biochemists Meeting.
    • ​Sponsorship of the National Conference on Healthcare Informatics, organized by APDSI.
    • ​Participation in the Science JOBSHOP 2016 organized by FCUL.
    • Participation in the 6th Clinical Laboratories National Association Congress.
    • Sponsorship of the IT INForum Symposium 2016, organized by Instituto Superior Técnico.
    • Award of the Best Nursing Graduate Maxdata Excellence Prize at Escola Superior de Saúde de Viseu.
    • Participation in Arrábida Forum “Privacy, Cybersecurity and Economic Regulation”, organized by APDSI.
    • Award of the Best IT Graduates Maxdata Excellence Prizes 2016 at IT Department of FCUL.
    • ​Participation in the 1st Iberoamerican Congress – “Digital Age Entrepreneurship”.
    • Participation in the event “Myelofibrosis: to see behind the fences”.
    • Sponsorship of the “30th Anniversary of the IT Service of Coimbra University and Hospital Centre” Exhibition.
    • Clinidata® demonstration at Health Informatics in Biomedical Engineering Master Degree of the Instituto Superior Técnico.
    •  myClinidata® free online service keeps making life easier to thousands of citizens and health professionals, exceeding 200.000 users in 2016.
  • 2015

    • Clinidata® implemented on all public healthcare institutions - hospitals and primary care units - located at Azores (9 islands in the North Atlantic Ocean
    • Implementation of Clinidata® on the largest private Anatomic Pathology located at the Iberian Peninsula
    • Implementation of Clinidata® in the Neuropathology lab of Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Norte
    • Implementation of Clinidata® in the Clinical Pathology lab of Hospitais Senhor do Bonfim
    • Integration of Clinidata® with the primary care units of Unidade Local de Saúde de Matosinhos
    • Maxdata named Best Company to Work For in the area of healthcare ICT.
    • Kick-off meeting of the European project SUPERCLOUD
    • Public Presentation of the unification of Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Centre Laboratories
    • Sponsorship of the best paper and best poster of the International Conference on Biomedical Ontology 2015
    • Sponsorship of the best article of the Informatics Symposium Inforum 2015 organized by the University of Beira Interior
    • Maxdata created "Excellence in Nursing Award" to distinguish Best University Students enrolled in Nursing degrees.
    • Participation in the biggest ICT event in Europe - ICT (Innovate, Connect, Transform) -organized by the European Commission with over 6,000 participants
    • Kick-off meeting of the European project SafeCloud
    • Maxdata enrolled in the new national Technical Committee on healthcare ICT standardization
    • myClinidata® became a registered trademark in the European Union, the USA, China, Israel and Switzerland
    • Maxdata joined the Health Cluster Portugal
    • Renewal of ISO 20000 and ISO 9001 certifications
  • 2014

    • Release of Clinidata® Vigilant – Proactive Epidemiological Surveillance
    • Submission of support tickets through the Clinidata®CRM portal. 
    • Clinidata® compliant with the highest level of EMRAM-HIMSS certification.
    • Implementation of Clinidata® software in the Anatomic Pathology's lab of the largest Portuguese ULS.
    • Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Centre Laboratories Unified with Clinidata® software.
    • Implementation of Clinidata® software in all Portuguese laboratories of Unilabs - a leading diagnostics company with one of the broadest geographic coverages in Europe
    • Integration between Clinidata® software and several Lisbon's primary care units.
    • ISO 20000 and ISO 9001 Certifications' Renewal.
    • Maxdata created "Excellence in IT Award" to distinguish Best University Students.
    • Maxdata named Best Company to Work For in the area of healthcare ICT.
    • Maxdata becomes the first Portuguese SME accepted as a Member Organization of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) International.
  • 2013

    • Release of Maxdata’s new institutional image. Maxdata became a corporation.
    • Maxdata started its participation in the PCAS European Project for the development of a new, secure and revolutionary portable device. 
    • Implementation of Clinidata®XXI in all hospitals of one of the largest private Portuguese group of Hospitals
    • Implementation of Clinidata®XXI and Clinidata®NET in the Imunohemotherapy’s lab and in the respective services with whom the lab communicates, in one Hospital Center of the north zone.
    • Implementation of Clinidata®XXI and Clinidata®NET in the Clinical Pathology lab and in the respective services with whom the lab communicates, in one big Hospital of Lisbon. 
    • Implementation of Clinidata®XXIClinidata®NET, Clinidata®ANP  and Clinidata®BST  in the Clinical Pathology’s lab, Anatomic Pathology’s Lab, Imunohemotherapy’s lab and, in the respective services with whom the laboratories communicate, in one large Hospital of Portugal’s north zone. 
    • Implementation of  Clinidata®XXI’s Paperless Microbiology module in the Clinical Pathology lab of one large hospital in Portugal’s north zone.
    • Unification of the Clinical Pathology’s labs of Militarys Hospitals located in Lisbon (Portugal)  using  Clinidata®XXI.
    • Unification of two large Clinical Pathology’s labs, located in Portugal’s north zone, with Clinidata®XXI.
  • 2012

    • Certification of Maxdata integrated management system in accordance with two international ISO standards:  ISO/IEC 20000:1-2011 (ISO 20000) and NP EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001).  This was definitely a big step for our internationalization
    • Implementation of Clinidata®NET in one hospital of Portugal’s central zone
    • Implementation of Clinidata®XXI  in three Clinical Pathology's labs and in the biggest Veterinary lab of Portugal’s north zone
    • Implementation of Clinidata®TRM in a big hospital center of Lisbon
    • Unification of two large Clinical Pathology labs with Clinidata®XXI in one hospital located in Portugal’s north zone
  • 2011

    • Release of Clinidata®XXI’s Hypocoagulation module
    • Release of myClinidata®’s portal, a secure online portal that allows to access clinical exams, by patients and health professionals 
    • Implementation of Clinidata®NET in one hospital located in the central zone of Portugal
    • Implementation of Clinidata®XXI in the Clinical Pathology lab of one hospital located in the  north zone of Portugal
    • Implementation of Clinidata®XXI and Clinidata®BST in the Imunohemotherapy’s lab of one hospital located in the center  zone of Portugal
    • Implementation of Clinidata®XXI in two private Clinical Pathology labs located in the north zone of Portugal, including one large  Clinical Pathology lab in Braga’s city
    • Integration between Clinidata®XXI and SI VIDA (national information system for HIV/AIDS infection) in 9 Hospital Centers in the north, centre and south zone of Portugal
  • 2010

    • Release of Clinidata®XXI’s Paperless Microbiology module 
    • Release of Clinidata®MSG – secure messaging between Clinidata® users
    • Release of Clinidata®TRM - responsibility terms’ management
    • Certification of Clinidata®XXI’s billing module according to Portuguese law n.º 363/2010
    • Implementation of Clinidata®NET in a large Hospital Center at Lisbon region and in the largest Hospital Center of Portugal’s central region 
    • Implementation of Clinidata®XXI in the pathology’s, hematology’s, dermatology’s and immunoallergology’s labs of 3 hospitals located in Lisbon and Setubal districts.
    • Implementation of Clinidata®XXI and Clinidata®STK  in the Pharmacy’s lab of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of the North Zone.
    • Implementation of Clinidata®BST in the Imunohemotherapy’s labs of two Hospital Centers located in Leiria districts. 
    • Integration between Clinidata®XXI and the urgency system, through the HL7 protocol, in the the pediatric service of one big hospital Center located in  Porto.
    • Unification of all Anatomic Pathology’s labs with Clinidata®ANP, in the largest  Hospital Center of Lisbon.
  • 2009

    Maxdata had an economic growth of 10%, despite the macro economic scenario.

    ClinidataNET was installed in several hospitals, confirming the quality and usefulness of this product in hospital management, and making it the most used electronic requisition system in Portugal.

    2009 was also highly innovative with regard to customer service. It was during this year that we launched a Customer Relationship Management web portal (ClinidataCRM) that offers our customers the possibility of monitoring in real time the progress of their requests and acessing different type of informations/documents, including for instance the details of each product release, technical reports of all our services, newsletters and proposals.


  • 2008

    Maxdata had an economic growth of 21%.


  • 2007

    We won an international public competition under which we implemented most of our products on a big Portuguese hospital. This was a quite large and complex project that was successfully completed (as acknowledged by our clients) in a short window of time.

    An important fact to mention was the migration of a huge amount of data of legacy applications, some of it was not already easily accessible. This made possible physicians to have a fast and on-line acess to all this data, allowing to correlate it with the new results.

    In 2007 it was released version 4.2 of our Clinidata system in which quality control has been expanded to almost all autoanalyzer equipment on the market.

  • 2006

    Our products were installed in many hospitals and private laboratories.

    We started the development of several new major systems:

    - Immunohematology/Blood Banking (ClinidataBST).
    - A microbiology alarm system addressing duplicates, and connected to the pharmacy and infection control services.
    - Anatomic Pathology (ClinidataANP).
    - Autopsy (ClinidataATP).


  • 2005

    It was made available a new version of ClinidataXXI fully adapted to the Brazilian market, including, among other great features:

    - Quality control integrated in the connection to autoanalyzer equipments. 
    - Expanded numeration for tubes, identifying both the sample and the patient.
    - Screening of tubes. 
    - Tests scheduling. 
    - Alarms system. 
    - Configurable electronic invoicing. 


  • 2004

    Maxdata, aware of the superior quality of its products and employees, advanced to internationalization and chose the Lands of Vera Cruz (Brazil).

    The billing modules had to be changed enough to fit a wide variety of requirements. On the other hand, the average size of the main Brazilian laboratories in terms of number of samples per day, is comparable only to the largest hospitals in Portugal, which forced us to create new features at different levels, including advanced monitoring and tracking of samples, quality control, among many others.

    Taking advantage of the capabilities offered by the Internet, Maxdata rehearsed new ways of marketing and remote assistance, leading to a considerable reduction of the cost of its products & services.

  • 2001-2003

    Dissemination of ClinidataXXI

    These years were very important due to the number of hospitals where ClinidataXXI was installed, including some of the largest in Portugal.

    Launch of ClinidataNET

    The interaction between the Hospital clinicians and the various laboratories needed to be improved. Several hundreds of requests on paper were dispatched every day. Then, to analyze the results, clinicians had to wait for a courier to deliver the corresponding bulletins.

    ClinidataNET was launched to address this problem and it is nowadays the most used electronic requisition system in Portuguese hospitals.

  • 2000

    Launch of ClinidataXXI

    ClinidataXXI was the first application to be ported to a graphical/Windows environment. It was launched to replace its previous Unix/Cobol version, inheriting its features and improving them by making use of the benefits of the new environment.

    ClinidataXXI was a major step in the evolution of the company and its flagship product, resulting in the perfect interplay of knowledge accumulated over many years of activity, with innovation and technical expertise used in its development.

    Integration with Central Systems

    The integration of Clinidata with hospitals' central systems started to be carried out in the Unix/Cobol version. But ClinidataXXI greatly facilitated this task, due to its new and more functional development environment and because it used relational databases such as Oracle and PostgreSQL.

  • Year 2000 problem and the Euro

    Before ClinidataXXI there was a different version per client, although they were naturally built on a common basis. However, the Year 2000 problem and the introduction of the Euro forced to make major changes
  • 1996

    Year 2000 problem and the Euro

    Before ClinidataXXI there was a different version per client, although they were naturally built on a common basis. However, the Year 2000 problem and the introduction of the Euro forced to make major changes in each and every version. This was a considerable effort, given the approximately 80 versions installed at that time, but these changes were completed on time and with a complete success.


    First integration with auto-analyzer equipment using HQM (Host Query Mode). This constituted a major breakthrough in the quality of connections, reducing the user's work and increasing the safety and security of data transfers.

    Later, after a heavy investment in this area, it was possible to launch a spectacular and pioneering new feature: the introduction of a rules engine, a formula and conditions editor that allowed to incorporate more intelligence and automation in the integration with auto-analyzer equipments and, overall, in the entire application.

  • 1989

    First developments in the Unix operating system on a Intel platform, initially using ALTOS computer systems and afterwards PCs.

    This version (the fifth) was a very important milestone for the company, gradually evolving until 2000.

    The continuous development of customer suggestions and the experience gained through the numerous deployments carried out in laboratories of different sizes and work environments, contributed into making Clinidata a product addressing all the needs of clinical pathology laboratories and with the capability to expand to other diagnostic laboratories.

  • 1984

    The fourth version was developed on Data General computers, using the hierarchical database INFOS II, the operating system AOS/VS and the COBOL programming language. This version was installed in some labs and large hospitals.

    The first auto-analyzers were connected at this time, using one-way communication just for receiving results.

  • 1982

    The third version was developed on Seiko computers, initially working in single-user mode with the operating system CP/M-86, and afterwards in multi-user mode, with up to 4 computers, using the operating system Oasis 16 and the programming language MSBasic.
  • 1980

    The second version was developed on Bull computers, using the BAL programming language and the PROLOGUE operating system.
  • 1978

    The company history dates back to 1978, when it was developed the first version of Clinidata on TRS/80 microcomputers, using the DOS and Basic programming languages, and making use of floppy disks with a maximum capacity of 80KB. This version was installed in eight laboratories and already incorporated all the basic functions, including billing.
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