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06 Aug 2020

Clinidata® implemented in 17 Hospitals in the Middle East

Between 2018 and 2020, Maxdata implemented Clinidata® software in 17 hospitals in the Middle East.

At a technological level, the 17 hospitals reduced operating costs and database licensing costs to zero, since the 4th generation of Clinidata® is a web solution compatible with 100% open-source ecosystems. In the specific case of these international hospitals, the Linux operating system and the PostgreSQL database management system, both open-source and free, were used. In addition, healthcare professionals are free to use any device to access Clinidata®, since a common browser (e.g., Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari) is enough to explore all the features of Maxdata's product .

This project made it possible to eradicate paper from the entire laboratory workflow (from ordering to the presentation of results) within and between hospitals. To achieve this goal, it was essential to integrate Clinidata® with nearly 3 hundred medical devices distributed across the hospitals.

In terms of usability, health professionals were impressed with the ease of use of the software, since most of the steps happen automatically and the manual steps are well identified in the Clinidata® graphical interface that is based on the principle that each user only sees the information he needs to see.
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