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Clinidata®CRM was launched in August 2009 and since then many were those who could make use of the benefits of this solution.

Clinidata®CRM allows our customers to submit incidents and service requests and to see useful and personalized information immediately and at any time, 24 hours a day. This is a unique solution on the market that contributes to increase the efficiency and transparency of our support service.

Clinidata®CRM allows to submit incident/service request tickets and provides access to several types of information:

Technical support

pontos(1).jpg Tickets pending resolution
pontos(1).jpg Tickets being processeds
pontos(1).jpg Tickets pending customer response
pontos(1).jpg Tickets already completed
pontos(1).jpg Tickets cancelled and reason for cancellations

New developments or corrections

pontos(1).jpg Tickets not yet processed
pontos(1).jpg Tickets pending technical evaluation
pontos(1).jpg Tickets pending distribution to a technician
pontos(1).jpg Tickets in progress
pontos(1).jpg Tickets already concluded and installeds
pontos(1).jpg Tickets cancelled and reason for cancellation

Visit Technical Reports

pontos(1).jpg Technical reports of all the visits performed to customer facilities. Reports are available in PDF and can be accessed at any time.


Management Reports

pontos(1).jpg Service delivery and service revision reports, including a comparison of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) agreed vs SLAs met, and an analysis of customer relationship indicators such as satisfaction surveys, complaints, incidents and service requests, in order to propose possible adjustments to the services provided.

Version Book

pontos(1).jpg Access to the features, improvements and corrections made in each application, grouped by version and release.


pontos(1).jpg PDF version of all pending and accepted proposals.


pontos(1).jpg List of all the newsletters already sent.

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