Responsibility Terms Management
Clinidata®TRM provides a pioneering solution in this area, addressing the specific requirements of each organization in the control of tests performed outside the organization, and facilitating the involvement of hospital sectors associated with the process of each term.
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Clinidata®TRM allows to manage the circuit of approvals and rejections associated with tests that laboratories do not perform. It is a process that cuts across various sectors of the hospital, starting in the physician prescribing the tests.

Can be configured to require approval by the Department Director, validation by the Laboratory Director, confirmation by the Administration, before test requisitions being set to outside laboratories.

Clinidata®TRM is a web application and integrates seamlessly with Clinidata®NET (electronic requisition). Allows complete flexibility in circuit configuration, which includes the definition of the following:

The sectors involved in the process
The types of tests that should be controlled
The stages through which each term advances
The causes of potential rejections

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