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Clinidata®NET is a web application that connects the physicians and nurses working in the different hospitals/clinics departments to the diagnostic laboratories.
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Allows a better coordination and cooperation of the teams involved in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient, reduces the realization of unnecessary tests, provides a substantial increase in the quality and speed of all tasks, eliminating the use of paper.

Can be interfaced with the vast majority of central systems or subsystems where the doctor and patient are already identified. Very simple to use, consists of several features, namely:

A single prescription of the different types of diagnostic tests, which is easy to use, fast, and avoid the use of paper. Allows any part of the organization to be integrated with the laboratories' database in real time.

Access to results: current and historical, and which can be searched by various criteria and aspects.

Sample collection at the departments with the extraction of the final labels which are then pasted on the tubes and later placed in the laboratory equipments.

Control and management of requests made by physician or department.

Availability and processing of alerts regarding special or unusual situations, for medical, departments and pharmacy.

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