Blood Banking and Transfusion
Clinidata®BST is a web application for blood banking and transfusion management, developed according to the best international practices and standards.
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About the Software

Clinidata®BST may be used in three different contexts: in the lab, by clinicians, and by nurses. It is compliant with the latest European directives and supports the ISBT 128 standard, ensuring a high level of quality, reliability, and safety.

Clinidata®BST is complete solution for hospitals' Imunohemotherapy department, streamlining processes, ensuring security, reliability and traceability.

It covers all stages underlying the blood transfusion chain:

 Online requisition
 Sample collection and labeling
 Laboratory activities
 Selection and preparation of units
 Integration of equipments
 Integration with the clinical pathology laboratory
 Measurements registration
 Registration and study of adverse reactions

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