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Clinidata®XXI is an intelligent management system for clinical laboratories, gathering the knowledge acquired by Maxdata in 30 years of activity.
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About the Software

Clinidata®XXI is the most representative product of Maxdata. It is an intelligent system for overall management of clinical laboratories, including all technical and financial aspects. It brings together experience and expertise accumulated over 30 years of pioneering activity.

Overall Clinidata®XXI has the following characteristics:

Elastic: Adaptable to any public or private laboratory, large or small, isolated or integrated in organizations like hospitals.

Complete: Encompasses all areas of Clinical Pathology, equipment integration, quality control, avoiding the need of complementary software.

Open: Extremely flexible, allows the laboratory to make all the necessary configurations saving on maintenance costs; easy to integrate with other systems.

Intelligent: Unique in the market, includes a formula & conditions editor and a rules engine, allowing the incorporation of intelligence and safety in the system:

  • Automatically performs routine operations
  • Supports cyclical or continuous automatic processes
  • Allows to set options per user

Current and innovative: Always being improved in terms of technologies and of continuous evolution. New modules and innovative features are continuously being integrated. Check one of our most recent innovations: paperless microbiology

We know that Clinidata®XXI produces a great impact on the organizations where it is installed, translating into gains in the optimization of procedures, quality, and cost reduction.

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