Archive of Newsletters
Newsletter Quarter 1 2019
CLINIdATA® implemented in 15 Hospitals in the Middle East, Maxdata Employee Loyalty
Newsletter Nov/Dec 2018
Use of Clinidata® software according to GDPR, Maxdata is hiring
Newsletter Sep/Oct 2018
Maxdata increases its International Presence, New project SEAL involves Top Research Labs
Newsletter July/August 2018
Healthcare professionals assess the SafeCloud project, myClinidata® used by 500,000 citizens
Newsletter May/Jun 2018
The only PT Health Tech with ISO 20000 certification, Online Knowledge Base with hundreds of FAQs
Newsletter Mar/Apr 2018
CLINIdATA® substitutes Swiss Software in 2 Hospitals, ISBT 128 Certification
Newsletter Jan/Feb 2018
CLINIdATA® uses Blockchain to Track Test Results, Best Medical Student to receive a Maxdata Award
Newsletter Nov/Dec 2017
200,000 exams in 1 hour, European Commission praises compliance of CLINIdATA® with GDPR
Newsletter Sep/Oct 2017
Go-live of CLINIdATA® at IPO Coimbra, ESGTS Award for academic merit
Newsletter July/August 2017
SUPERCLOUD European project: Azores meeting and IEEE highlight, Excellence in Engineering Prize
Newsletter May/June 2017
Public Presentation of CLINIdATA®, Automatic and Self-Service Data Migration
Newsletter Mar/Apr 2017
Four decades of innovation: most important milestones over the last 40 years
Newsletter Jan/Feb 2017
CLINIdATA® go live at IPO Lisbon, Maxdata creates new R&D Lab, Maxdata is hiring
Newsletter Nov/Dec 2016
Experts praise Maxdata new product - Myelofibrosis Workshop - Best Computer Science Students awarded
Newsletter Sep/Oct 2016
Innovative Disaster-Recovery - New European Reg. Data Protection - 200,000+ use myClinidata®
Newsletter nº 46 (July 16)
3 European Projects - Maxdata's Excellence in Nursing Award - Best Paper Award @ INForum 2016
Newsletter nº 45 (May 16)
CLINIdATA® in major national event - University of Lisbon job fair - Next webinar
Newsletter nº 44 (Mar 16)
Clinidata® installed on all Azores islands - Maxdata in International Workshop - ANL Conference
Newsletter nº 43 (Jan 16)
CLINIdATA® Pilots in 2016 - Interview on the SafeCloud project - IPQ creates Health IT Committee
Newsletter nº 42 (Nov 15)
Innovative PHR - Best IT Students Awarded by Maxdata - CHTMAD Workshop
Newsletter nº 41 (Sep 15)
CLINIdATA compliant with secure cloud platforms - INForum 2015 - Best Nursing Student Award
Newsletter nº 40 (Jul 15)
ISO Certifications' Renewal - Award on Engineering Excellence - Semantically enabled apps
Newsletter nº 39 (May 15)
STOP Hospital-Acquired Infections! - Health Cluster Portugal - ENSP/UNL Seminar
Newsletter nº 38 (Mar 15)
Clinidata Pathology v5 - myClinidata has 120,000 users - CHUC unification
Newsletter nº 37 (Jan 15)
SUPERCLOUD H2020 project - Maxdata's webinars - SME Excelence 2014
Newsletter nº 36 (Nov 14)

Partnership Laborial+Maxdata - ISO 20000 & ISO 9001's renewal - Maxdata's Best Student Award

Newsletter nº 35 (Sep 14)

Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Centre unified with Clinidata software - Vigilant has new features

Newsletter nº 34 (Jul 14)

Online submission of Support Tickets - Clinidata compliant with EMRAM-HIMSS certification

Newsletter nº 33 (May 14)

Portugal 2030 debate - Vigilant presented at the 5th ANL Congress - myClinidata increases client loyalty

Newsletter nº 32 (Mar 14)

Innovative Product for Proactive Epidemiological Surveillance - Dozens of News in Clinidata Solutions

Newsletter nº 31 (Feb 14)

Maxdata named Best Company to Work For in Healthcare ICT

Newsletter nº 30 (Jan 14)

Maxdata Invests in the Future - myClinidata portal used by 70,000 patients and physicians

Newsletter nº 29

Maxdata in innovative European project - Impact of Clinidata in Curry Cabral Hospital

Newsletter nº 28

Software Clinidata® used for technological unification of hospitals

Newsletter Nº 23

Lei e Prescrição de MCDTs; Segurança Informática; myClinidata®; Maior Conferência de TI da Saúde

Newsletter Nº 22
myClinidata® - Serviço gratuito para acesso a resultados via Internet / Clinidata® é marca nacional
Newsletter Nº 21

Fotografias de Lâminas, Gestão de Hipocoagulados, Central de Colheitas / Gestão de Filas de Espera

Newsletter Nº 20

Mensagens SMS e de Correio Electrónico / Portal Clinidata®CRM

Newsletter Nº 19

Central de Marcações, Gestão de Colheitas e Controlo de Erros

Newsletter Nº 18

Protecção dos Dados Clínicos face às Ameaças Informáticas do Século XXI

Newsletter Nº 17

Protecção dos Dados Clínicos face às Ameaças Informáticas do Século XXI

Newsletter Nº 16

Clinidata®TRM, Gestão de Termos de Responsabilidade

Newsletter Nº 15

Clinidata®XXI, Seroteca

Newsletter Nº 14

Clinidata®MSG, Gestor de Mensagens e Alertas

Newsletter Nº 13

Clinidata®XXI, Controlo de Qualidade Pró-activo

Newsletter Nº 12

Clinidata®XXI, Microbiologia sem papel

Newsletter Nº 11

Clinidata®ANP, Modernidade e Inovação no Laboratório de Anatomia Patológica

Newsletter Nº 10

Clinidata®XXI, Nova versão 4.3

Newsletter Nº 9

Clinidata®CRM, Acesso on-line a informação de assistência

Newsletter Nº 8

Clinidata®NET, Controlo de Pedidos

Newsletter Nº 7

Clinidata®STK, Optimização no Registo de Entradas de Artigos

Newsletter Nº 6

Clinidata®RST, Rastreio de Boletins

Newsletter Nº 5

Clinidata®BST, Gestão de Banco de Sangue e Transfusões

Newsletter Nº 4

Clinidata®XXI, Controlo e Gestão de Repetições

Newsletter Nº 3

Clinidata®XXI, Manual de Colheitas

Newsletter Nº 2

Clinidata®XXI, Editor de Fórmulas e Condições

Newsletter Nº 1
Clinidata®XXI, Dispon. de Resultados na Web (ver Newsletter nº 22)
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